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Paypal to Bitcoin

Fast, easy and secure exchanges

  1. Choose exchange type, provide receiving information and amount to exchange.
  2. Transfer funds to your BBbb address.
  3. Receive funds in your Paypal, Bicoin wallet.

Convert Paypal to Bitcoin quickly, easily and securely at Lowest Conversion Fees with no signup required, no ID. Just fill out the simple conversion form above.

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FAQ about Paypal to Bitcoin Exchange

1. Who can use our Paypal to Bitcoin service?

Everyone with a legitimate Paypal account.

2. What is this site about?

This website allow you to exchange your Paypal to Bitcoin instantly.

3. Do I need to register in your site?

No, you don't need to register an account.

4. What is the exchange fee?

Our fee is 5% per transaction. No hidden charges!


5. What is the minimum amount I can exchange?

The minimum Bitcoin amount is 0.1 BTC, Paypal is 50 USD

6. How many blockchain confirmations are needed for?

Six blockchain confirmations are required to confirm your invoice. It usually takes around 1 hour.


7. How long does the transfer take?

Our Paypal to Bitcoin Exchange system is designed to send the payments less than 3 hours.


8. Which payment type will we use to send to paypal account?

We send all payments as a payment for goods or services.


9. How can I get in touch?
You can send us a message by:
Email: paypaltobitcoin [at]
Skype: paypaltobitcoin
Phone: 0972 142 151

10. Who we are?

We are a small group of professional bitcoin network in Viet Nam. Our location: xxxx

11. Is it Safe and Trustworthy?

We guarantee that you will receive your Bitcoin / Paypal funds. We have a strong reputation for reliability, trustworthy performance, and speed of service.


12. Who will pay Paypal fee?

You need to pay the Paypal fee

13. How do I get started?

Simply fill the form in website and start to exchange Paypal to Bitcoin instantly.


Our service is trusted by customers from more than 50 countries

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What is is the website to exhange Paypal to Bitcoin easy, fast and secure exchanges. We currently support Bitcoin. In future we will support: Litecoin, Feathercoin, Vertcoin, Namecoin, DASH, Dogecoin, and Paycoin. is the easiest way to exchange funds from Paypal to Bitcoin

Lowest Conversion Fees

CointoPal charges a low 5% fee to convert Bitcoin to your Paypal. This is the lowest fee you can find anywhere offered by a trustworthy service. We can send funds to any legitimate Paypal account. We impose no country restrictions.

Fast & Easy to Use

Coinexchangers converts your Paypal to Bitcoin quickly (normally less than 3 hours). Our service is extremely fast and easy to use. Simply fill out the form in the website, then start sending funds to our wallet. We will process the exchange as quickly as the network confirms your transfer.

Happy exchanges!
- The Coinexchangers team